Top 10 Destinations in the Philippines

From over 7000 islands to choose from, travelling in the Philippines can be exhilirating–from the breath-taking sceneries to the wonderful experience with nature and its wonders.

We have gathered Top 10 Destinations in the Philippines 2019 to help you with your tropical travels here.

1. Palawan

Kayangan Lake in Palawan
Image from The Smarter Way

Landscapes are adorned by distant mountains, scenic limestone formations, and cerulean waters. In Coron, there is the famous Kayangan Lake–one of the cleanest lakes in the country. Coron and its islands boast of numerous reefs, beaches, and WWII shipwrecks which make for astonishing dives.

Balabac Islands in Palawan is a secluded, raw paradise with virgin island beaches and perfectly turquoise clear water. They are home to the rare animals, birds, plants, and mangroves. A variety of marine species such as sharks, dolphins, tuna, whales, rays, sea turtles are the usual underwater view.

2. Camiguin

Captivating white island in Camiguin.
Image from Project LUPAD

Known as the “Island Born of Fire”, it is an astonishing island brimming with volcanoes like Mount Uhay, Mount Hibok-Hibok, Mount Vulcan, and Mount Mambajao. It also holds the record for the island with most number of volcanoes per every square kilometer in the world. Attractions such as the infamous sunken cemetery, white sand beaches, well- preserved ancestral homes, and centuries-old churches are also an easy transit away.

3. Batanes

Sabtang Island, Batanes
Image from Roam It Now

Batanes will astonish you with its sheer natural beauty, distinct landscapes, majestic lofty cliffs, rolling hills, boulder-lined shores and deep canyons. This is the northern-most part of the country and it is also rich in culture and history.

4. Vigan

Calle Crisologo, Vigan City
Image from UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Vigan City is the country’s first and only UNESCO World Heritage city. This unique and historical destination would give a wonderful glimpse of the country’s past and culture. Vigan is also a culinary escape for its longganisas (sausages), empanadas (turnovers), bagnet, and other Ilocano specialties.

5. Siquijor

Salagdoong Beach
Image from Siquijor island – information

Considered as one of the most mystical places in the Philippines, Siquijor has long been a birthplace of magic and folklore in the country. With its stunning waterfalls, parks and beaches like Kagusuan Beach and Salagdoong Beach, you will definitely be enchanted.

6. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park
Image credits to Joel Larsson from Shutterstock

It is billed as the world’s best dive site. This expansive underwater paradise is a protected sanctuary that serves home to vibrant coral reefs, the endangered species, sea turtles, sharks, lion fish, clown fish, sea turtles and mantra rays. You need to dive it to believe it.

7. Samar

Langun Gobingob Cave
Image from Wandering Feet PH

An undiscovered territory, Samar is home to beautiful beaches, sunsets, surf spots, and cascading waterfalls. It is also the country’s caving capital where explorers can find the country’s largest caving system – the Langun Gobingob Caves.

8. Manjuyod Sandbar

Floating Cottage
Image credits to Dexter Sadang from flickr

It is dubbed as the “Maldives of the Philippines”. Located in Bais, Negros Oriental, it is one of the longest sandbar in the Philippines. Aside from the captivating and majestic scenery, its floating cottages in the middle of the ocean give people the chance to enjoy the area even when it’s high tide.

9. Siargao

Pacifico Beach, Siargao
Image credits to Jonny Melon

Siargao is a province that captivates. Deemed as the surfing capital of the Philippines, there is more to Siargao than world-class waves. Beautiful tidal pools, long stretches of beaches, and surrounding scenic islands make this a paradise for surfers and regular travelers alike.

10. Malapascua Island (Cebu)

Bounty Beach

A small island popular for its sandy white beaches, crystal clear waters bordered by coconut trees, and colorful coral gardens, Malapascua Island is sought-after by divers who want to lounge in a peaceful island after a good day of being in the water. It is the only place in the world to see thresher sharks regularly. Visitors also visit this island for fresh seafood, good-natured locals, and scenic sunrises and sunsets. Top Destinations in the Philippines 2019